Swami Yogananda Giri College

Accredited with B++ Grade by NAAC

Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00

Chokapara, Assam
783354 - Assam

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The college envisages to fulfill the visionary aspirations to impart quality higher education and enlightenment to the aspiring students of the locality as well as other diverse areas. To provide affordable quality education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream

Our Mission

  • To make teachers and the taught partners in the learning process.
  • To impart quality education, keeping in view the needs of the times and harmonizing it with the cultural matrix of the society.
  • To provide affordable quality education to the rural poor students of the locality as well as of the region by making higher education accessible to them.
  • To inculcate moral and ethical values among the students which was reflected in Swami Yogananda Giri’s ideals.
  • The college has a mission to develop self-realization by promoting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities simultaneously.
  • To generate resources and develop basic infrastructure so as to provide the facility for research and development and to create and inspiring atmosphere of creative activity.
  • To develop a sense of sustainable development.
  • To help and equip the students with commonsense, dignity, self-control and hard work so that they can effectively counter or negate the menace of communalism intolerance, violence and hatred.
  • The institution has a mission to fulfil the visionary dream of Swami Yogananda Giri to make it a global educational hub.

Our Goals and Objectives

🅐 To obtain excellence in academic as well as extra-curricular spheres, such as games and sports.
🅑 To impart quality higher education to all aspirants in general with special attention to SC,ST,OBC, MOBC and Minority students.
🅒 To arrange remedial classes for weak and slow learners.
🅓 To inculcate among students a love for the country and its people, its flora and fauna, its culture and history.
🅔 To create awareness among students and community for socio-economic development of the state.
🅕 To encourage students to make progress in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and arrange special training camps for the same.
🅖 To inculcate among students an awareness for national integration, democracy, humanitarian values and scientific temper and spirit.
🅗 To promote research in every field and thus create a research culture.